Short report from AUA in San Diego

I did some training and coaching for a client of mine in San Diego at the AUA Conference. What did I take away from the Urology Conference? A small cup with lemonade? Nope. And not the giveaways – they were few and far between (can you imagine what a themed squishy ball would look like?). No, what I took away from the conference was optimism. Not only specific to Urology as I continue to get encouraged by all of the new therapies and such. “The longer you live, the longer you’ll live” – especially of you men out there have prostate issues.
I only have a very personal knowledge of urology, but what I could glean from the different exhibitors offerings was very encouraging. I was also optimistic about how crowded the exhibit hall was – an increase over the previous few years.
And almost half of the attendees were International – which is usually the case at these types of conferences. Why? I’ve asked a few attendees and they say it’s because of the conference sessions. The U.S. conferences get the best speakers.
I can tell an international visitor from a domestic one by their clothes. Men from other parts of the world are not afraid to wear pastel pants, jackets, shirts, scarves, shoes, and eyeglasses. The U.S. attendees are much more conservative. But there is always at least one guy, usually a physician, who wants to dress formally in a suit but knows his feet won’t put up with his dress shoes all day so he wears his running shoes with his suit. It looks stupid and there’s always one.

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