Recruit theater teachers for events.

This is quite a success story: a tenured theater teacher leaves education and gets hired on an event team. Was it a fit? Yes it was. Teachers are used to dealing with children and helicopter parents which comes in handy in the events industry as some internal clients often act like children. This former teacher fought for and won her budget; teachers work with strained budgets and know how to make the most of what they have. This ex-theater teacher was also experienced at executing large productions with a clear vision and making it come to fruition with every details considered. Theater teachers’ skills are immediately transferable to the event world: they design their shows (creating a unique and compelling environment in a booth or room), casting (hiring), teach acting (training), hire and supervising an orchestra, lighting crew, sound team, and stage personnel (working with vendors and unions), and are used to working long hours. If you are looking for someone (new blood? Someone who thinks outside the box?) to join your events or trade show team, consider a theater teacher.

Matt Hill

Matt Hill has been speaking and training since 1983. He specializes in making his clients more effective with their face-to-face interpersonal skills. He has trained over 50,000 people in the U.S. and around the world. Matt lives in San Jose, CA with his wife, Lynn. They have three children; a daughter living in Boston, a son in grad school at CalPoly San Luis Obispo, and another daughter in at Chico St. University. If you’re ever in San Jose and want to take a mountain bike ride or play some tennis, call him.

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