Survival Kit


Trade Show Survival Kit – $19.99 each

How about a little appreciation for your exhibit staff?

We know that working a trade show can be grueling. If you want your staff to be their best, then give them their own Survival Kit. Each Kit contains 15 items that will help your staff be ready for each day of the show.

Kit Contents

Matt Hill’s “Trade Show Survival Guide.” • Breath Mints (Your staff should always be approachable) • Hand Sanitizer (Most people believe in the germ theory) • Advil/Tylenol (Lots of reasons they might need these) • Scope (sometimes those breath mints just aren’t enough) • Kleenex (You never know when they might need one) • Band-Aids (For most common trade show hazards; paper cuts and blisters) • Alka-Seltzer (Helps with those nachos) • Lip Balm (Always welcome in those dry exhibit halls) • Stain Remover (They should always look professional)  • Cough Drops (No hacking in at the show!) • Foot Powder/Spray (More important as the show goes on) • Scope (Because who has time to brush) • Ear Plugs (Also for the plane, or if your booth is next to a loud booth) • Herbal Tea (To help rejuvenate)

All in a carry–all, clear plastic envelope that can hold your show guide too!

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