The Group’s workshops focus on improving people’s face-to-face interpersonal skills.

Our workshops include:
Exhibit Staff Training Workshop
This is a 60-90 minute interactive workshop like no other. Our trainers use their own world-class presenter skills, props, “volunteers” from the audience, and funny/edgy visual aids to make and reinforce their key points. Your people will be entertained, educated and motivated. More info here.
Role Playing: We design custom role plays to reinforce key trade show selling skills. In groups of three, your exhibit staff will play the roles of a visitor, a staff person, and an observer. Key skill areas that are reinforced through these role plays include; greeting, questioning and qualifying, dismissing, and ending the conversation.

During-the-Show Coaching and Training:
Our trainers and coaches work with your exhibit staff, during the show. We’ll help them construct their qualifying questions, elevator answers, help hone their dismissing skills, cross-selling abilities and their group work. We’ll also train those who may have missed our workshops and administer a fun, positive staff incentive program. This service virtually ensures behavioral change in your staff. More info here.

Presenter Development Workshop
We offer Individual Presenter Development for keynote speakers and executives; Presenter Development Workshop (small-group training – up to five people per trainer) for salespeople, trade show staff, and any other presenters; and Conference Presenter Development. We will help your presenters with their content, how they can avoid distracting behaviors and how they can use their natural presenting strengths to make more compelling presentations. More info here.

Managing the Millennial Generation Workshop
If you manage anyone from the Millennium Generation this workshop is for you. It will help you understand what motivates these younger people, how to manage them, work with them, and how to form productive relationships. The unique format of this session has two presenters: one older and one Millennial. Be ready to be informed, engaged and entertained. You will leave this session knowing: How the Millennials think of themselves; Identifying and resolving communication, work ethic, and etiquette issues; How classic management techniques can still be effective; How to get peak performance from your Millennial staffers. More info here.

Meeting Facilitation Workshop
This workshop is designed to make your meeting facilitators more effective at: Controlling their meetings; Setting and enforcing ground rules; Handling disruptive participants; Keeping the meeting focused; Achieving the meeting’s objectives. When they finish this all-day workshop, they’ll know how to set clear, realistic expectations for their meetings. They’ll also learn a variety of ways to deal with the nine most common types of challenging participant’s behaviors. Our trainers will model how to effectively facilitate a meeting through a combination of good communication, involvement, enforcement and fun. More info here.

Negotiation Worskhop
Since we believe that people learn best by doing, not by listening, our methodology is to deliver just the essential negotiation skills and tactics (that we’ve identified together) and then we turn the people loose to use them. So most of the workshop is spent having the attendees work in small groups to engage in your-industry specific role-plays. They put their new knowledge of key negotiation skills and tactics to use immediately. Here are the benefits of this methodology: Because our delivery is fun and engaging, the audience embraces even a review of already known information; The use of real-life role playing scenarios means higher levels of retention and usefulness; Participants practice new skills with their colleagues in a small group environment, promoting the exchange of ideas and cooperative learning. More info here.

Group Dynamics Workshop/Team Building
Our Group Dynamics Workshop helps attendees understand the strengths and weaknesses of different size groups. They will lean to communicate, persuade, and influence groups more consistently and effectively. This workshop’s methodology combines exercises, discussion and instruction to make learning interesting, interactive, and relevant. Everyone will learn: The group dynamics common to all meetings, regardless of size, topic or purpose; Successful strategies for identifying, understanding and controlling groups; Specific behaviors and strategies that you should use and avoid when working with small groups; To recognize the different roles people cast themselves in when meeting in groups of five or more; Valuable skills and techniques that improve communication among a group, no matter what role each person has taken on; How-to control a meeting and deal effectively with people in their various roles. More info here.

Our Methodology
We believe that people learn, retain, and are more motivated in a fun, supportive, and participatory learning environment. Our workshops are always team taught with the audience. And we make it fun – it’s seriously fun training. We use the small gorup format a lot – five or six people per group. And when we create and maintain an environment that is conducive for collaborative learning, the participants will learn as much from each other as they will from our trainer.