Exhibit Staff Training

Big show? Big booth? Need a big ROI?
Train your exhibit staff.

Most companies don’t train their exhibit staffs – even for their most important trade shows.

It’s looked at as unnecessary or too expensive. And exhibit staffs don’t think they need any training. Pleading for good behavior from an event manager is often all the training they get.

The consequence? Most trade shows do not yield the maximum value to exhibitors because exhibit staffs are not given the training and support that them to excell.

Our exhibit staff training and coaching will get the maximum value out of your trade shows. It’s totally customized and relevant to your company, your trade show, your industry.

For 27 years we have helped hundreds of companies:

  • Increase their qualified leads by an average of 70%.
  • Shorten sales cycles.
  • Have more efficient, effective, and professional exhibit staffs

More quality conversations • More qualified Leads • More Sales

We know your exhibit staff doesn’t think they need to be trained. That’s why our exhibit staff training is so effective.
• Your staff is actively engaged in the training. It’s fun, interactive, and memorable.

• We are experts and we gain the respect of your staff – they actually do what we request of them.

• We train and coach them; our Exhibit Staff Training Workshop is fun & engaging; Our during-the-show, one-on-one staffer coaching ensures your staffers become the best they can be.

After our training, your exhibit staff will:
  • Greet visitors quickly.
  • Not waste their time with unqualified visitors.
  • Engage in visitor-focused conversations and demonstrations.
  • Politely and professionally disengage from conversations when they are over or when they are wasting time.
  • Not use their phones in the booth, not stand in closed circles with their colleagues, and not eat or drink in the booth
Some of our clients


Course Modules

The Hill Group will train your exhibit staff to be more effective at your next trade show with this one-to-three hour customized workshop. We’re extremely effective when your staff has had little experience, doesn’t want to be trained or think they know everything already. We make training fun. Training modules can be mixed and matched from the following:

  • Trade Shows: Your Opportunity and Responsibility
  • Managing Visitor’s Expectations
  • Greeting and Engaging
  • Elevator Answers
  • Qualifying Questions
  • Cross-Selling
  • Generating Qualified Leads
  • Disengaging
  • Handling Tough Questions
  • Making Brief, Focused Presentations
  • Working with International Visitors
  • How to Not Make Visitors Wait
  • Working with Theater Presentations
  • Working with Partners in the Booth
  • Managing a Hands-On Area
  • Handling Key Account Contacts
  • Conference Rooms and Demo Suites
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Basics of Professional Behavior
The Hill Group Trainers

Our trainers are world-class presenters. They each know how to use their 10+ years of trade show experience and combine it with their own high-energy, engaging, and fun delivery styles to make sure your people get the most out of the training. Here are some of the key training modules.

Matt_square_high_res Candy Square Phil_square_high_res
Matt Hill Candy Adams Phil Roybal


Role Playing (additional 60 minutes following workshop)

Custom role-plays are designed to reinforce key trade show selling skills. In groups of three, exhibit staff will play the roles of a visitor, a staff person, and an observer. The roles rotate for every scenario (we usually design six different role-plays) so that everyone plays each role twice. Key skill areas that are reinforced through these role-plays include greeting, questioning and qualifying, dismissing, and ending the conversation.


Download a brochure for this program (Adobe Acrobat PDF format.)

Check out the other brochures available for more of the Hill Group’s training workshops.