Meeting Facilitation

The Hill Group’s Meeting Facilitation Workshop is designed to make your meeting facilitators more effective at:

  • Controlling their meetings
  • Setting and enforcing ground rules
  • Handling disruptive participants
  • Keeping the meeting focused
  • Achieving the meeting’s objectives

There is a separate skill set for an effective meeting facilitator. When they finish this all-day workshop, they’ll know how to set clear, realistic expectations for their meetings. They’ll also learn a variety of ways to deal with the nine most common types of challenging participant’s behaviors. Our trainers will model how to effectively facilitate a meeting through a combination of good
communication, involvement, enforcement and fun.

Workshop Format

We believe people learn best by doing, not by just listening. The participants in this workshop will work in a hands-on learning environment where the skills we present to them are put to use immediately.

They will work in small groups to generate, strategize and role-play their most challenging meeting facilitation scenarios. They’ll also learn how to identify and influence small and large groups, how to work with participants who exhibit low Emotional Intelligence, and they’ll know what expert facilitators do before, during, and after a meeting.

Their work will be evaluated and critiqued by our trainer and by the other members of the group. The participants will leave the workshop with a proven blueprint and process of how to run their next meeting successfully.

The Hill Group Trainers

Our trainers are world-class presenters, speakers, and facilitators. They combine their 15+ years as professional facilitators and presenters with their own high-energy, engaging, and fun delivery styles to make sure your people get the most out of the training.

Training Modules

The Hill Group trainers have the capability to create training environments that are conducive to attendee participation and contribution. Depending upon the skill of the participants, we will customize this workshop by incorporating any or all of the following partial list modules:

  • Meeting Ground Rules Development
  • Roles and Rights of a Meeting Facilitator
  • Facilitating Basics: Being Prepared
  • Setting Expectations
  • Small and Large Group Dynamics
  • The 20,000 Foot View; Keeping Focus on the Objectives
  • Group Brainstorm: Your Facilitating Challenges
  • Preconceived Notions Exercise
  • Identifying, Handling and Role Playing Unproductive Behaviors
  • Elements of Effective Meetings
  • Group Work: Elements of Effective Meetings
  • Group Work: Barriers to Effective Meetings
  • Emotional Intelligence Primer
  • Cultural Issues Awareness
  • Descriptions and Strategies for Handling the Non-Participant, Interrupter, Complainer, Side-Talker,
  • Comedian, Storyteller, Know-It-All, the Rude & Bad Mannered, Dominator, Anarchist, and the Combatant
  • The Bin
  • Things To Do and Not Do

Training Methodology

The Hill Group trainers have the capability to create training environments that are conducive to attendee participation and contribution. We take advantage of this by implementing a training methodology that is based on a peer-coaching model. By helping each other, the workshop participants benefit from everyone’s expertise and experience.

And we practice what we preach. Our trainer will model the type of meeting management skills we’re looking for by effectively facilitating this workshop. We’ll even have the participants play the roles of difficult or disruptive participants so we can demonstrate how they can be handled.


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