Exhibit staff training testimonials

We have had The Hill Group train our HP exhibits staffs at over 40 different shows. I can’t imagine doing a big, important trade show without him.
– Kimberely Gishler, HP

The Hill Group trained our exhibit staff in preparation for the American Urological Association annual meeting and, as a result, we had our best meeting ever; more leads, more positive feedback, and every doctor who visited our booth had a very positive experience.
– Steve Steinhagen, Astellas Pharma

It was great meeting you.  You did a great job with the training and follow through.  I think it really helped the team and made the event A LOT more effective.  Hopefully we can work together again in the future.
– Bryan Topham, HP

With The Hill Group’s training, our trade shows generated over $100 Million in sales. The next year, without their training, our sales dropped 27%. We brought The Hill Group back in and will use them more this year and into the future.
– Joe Porporino, United States Postal Service

We have found this workshop to be an invaluable tool in helping our salesmen interact with attendees in our booth.
– Jessica Tortorice, Walter USA, LLC

The Hill Group delivered a superb presentation skills course specifically tailored to the needs of our internal clientele. The content was addressed in a way that was easy to adapt to real world situations–exactly the level of training needed for interacting 1:1 with our customers in the fast paced trade show environment.
Gina Anderson, Adobe Systems

Your training was the best thing at our four-day sales meeting. Our staff was way better than they were last year. They really knew what to do. We wanted $3 million in orders and we got $3.2 million and counting.
– Greg Rewers, Accuride International


Presenter Development Training

I had a great time at the training and I thought you all did an amazing job, that is an impressive group of guys you work with! I took some of the things I learned in the quick wrap up and have applied them to my presentations as well. Our team had a TON of positive feedback!  – Ashley Flynn, Perceptive Software

The feedback from the three, four-hour presenter training sessions you provided Cree this week was that it was more effective than the two-day presentation training they all went through last October. Nice Job! Tami Timperino – Cree

Matt-  Thanks for the great training yesterday, the team looked very engaged during my time with you and in passing by a few times during the working groups. – Tina Lally, Axcient

I think it was a huge help to our team and I’ve already seen some of our presenters improve. Thanks! – Deanna Ferrante, Perceptive Software