Exhibit Staff Training Webinar

From 15 to 60 minutes, this webinar is the next best thing to Matt Hill’s in-person exhibit staff training

This is what makes this webinar fun, engaging, and effective:

Great Content: Check out these modules

Objectives for the Show  •  Potential Impact  •  Elevator Answers  •  Managing Expectations  •  Booth Traffic Levels  •  Face-To-Face Flowchart  •  Engaging and Greeting  •  Opening Questions  •  Qualifying Visitors  •  Handling Time Wasters  •  Objective of the Conversation  •  Dismissing  •  Presentations & Demonstrations  •  Presenting the “So What?”  •  Generating Leads  •  Ending the Conversation  •  Handling Tough Questions  •  Hanlding the Competition  •  Handling the Media  •  Handling Key Accounts  •  International Visitors  •  Working One-to-Many  •  Working a Hospitality Event  •  Company Parties  •  Working a Line  •  Working with Partners  •  Working a Hands-on Area  •  Roles & Responsibilities  •  The Basics  •  Be Prepared  •  Homework

Slides To keep the audience engaged, interested and entertained

slide-for-est-webinar4 slide-for-est-webinar2 slide-for-est-webinar5

 Video Clips (from our On-Line/DVD Video): To show what not to do

Great Delivery – Matt’s webinar delivery style is fun, high-energy, engaging and motivating

Results? More qualified leads. Consistent professional behavior. Happier visitors.

Clients include:


“I’ve heard so much great feedback about your session, and apparently, some people told our director it was great, too. Thank you so much. People really enjoyed your sense of humor, so I think they were more engaged than they expected to be. I also heard feedback that the disengaging and interrupting segments were particularly useful. I agree, those are two things we could be better at. Yay!” – Best, Karen

“It was great meeting you.  You did a great job with the training and follow through.  I think it really helped the team and made the event A LOT more effective.  Hopefully we can work together again in the future. “ – Brian