Other Programs

The Group's workshops focus on improving people's face-to-face interpersonal skills.
Our workshops include:

Exhibit Staff Training

Our trainers use their own world-class presenter skills, props, "volunteers" from the audience, and funny/edgy visual aids to make and reinforce their key points. Your people will be entertained, educated and motivated.

During the Show Coaching

Our trainers and coaches work with your exhibit staff, during the show.

Presenter Development Workshop

We will help your presenters with their content, how they can avoid distracting behaviors and how they can use their natural presenting strengths to make more compelling presentations.

Managing Millennials

This worskhop will help you understand what motivates millennials, how to manage them, work with them, and how to form productive relationships.

Meeting Facilitation

Our trainers will model how to effectively facilitate a meeting through a combination of good communication, involvement, enforcement and fun.

Negotiation Workshop

our methodology is to deliver just the essential negotiation skills and tactics (that we've identified together)... and then we turn the people loose to use them.

Team Building

This workshop helps attendees understand the strengths and weaknesses of different size groups. They will lean to communicate, persuade, and influence groups more consistently and effectively.

Our Methodology

We believe that people learn, retain, and are more motivated in a fun, supportive, and participatory learning environment. Our workshops are always team taught with the audience. And we make it fun - it's seriously fun training. We use the small gorup format a lot - five or six people per group. And when we create and maintain an environment that is conducive for collaborative learning, the participants will learn as much from each other as they will from our trainer.