Team Building

Meeting Facilitation and Hosting Small and Large Group Exercises, Puzzles, and Brain Teasers Icebreakers, Brainstorming and Problem Solving

The Hill Group’s Team Building Activities and Workshops can be used at your next meeting to:
1. Encourage mingling, schmoozing, and socializing
2. Enable your people to have shared, positive experiences
3. Get the group to think outside the box (notice The Hill Group’s logo?)
4. Teach your people how to better work together on projects (work and non-work related)
5. Enliven your meeting so every minute, and every presentation, isn’t directly work related

Each workshop’s objectives are developed with our clients to meet their specific goals and needs. However, the general objectives of our team
building workshops are to:

  • Identify, address, and resolve issues and obstacles the group may have with each other, with other groups, with customers or vendors, and with internal workflow and communication processes
  • Provide a fun, interactive team building experience that enhances relationships and communication

Our fee structure varies depending upon the time and scope of the services you need. Please contact us for more details and specific

We can provide Team Building services as a separate part of your meeting (one to eight hours) or as mini-modules interspersed throughout
an all-day or multi-day meeting. We have even provided one of our clients with “Team Building on a Bus”.


For a stand-alone Team Building Workshop we offer our:

Group Dynamics Workshop
We’ll give your people the 20,000 foot view of what happens inside of groups that make them work or make them dysfunctional. Then we’ll put
them to work on a couple of non-work related exercise designed to highlight what they’ve just learned about group inclusion, control and performance.

These two exercise are: “Winning the Iditarod” and “Lost in Space”. Both are interactive, fun and stimulating group exercises designed to
illustrate the challenges of working together and reaching consensus as a group.

Next, we’ll put them to work on some real issues and take advantage of the newly created cooperative environment to really get something

Our Group Dynamic Workshop provides a fun, interactive Team Building experience that will give your people an understanding of:

  • Group structure
  • Group communication
  • What influences groups
  • How to influence groups
  • The roles people play and how to deal with them

They will also walk away from this Team Building experience knowing how to:

  • Make their groups more productive
  • Make small changes to group communication that will yield big results
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Take action more proactively

2. Real-Life Workshop
Once the attendees are successful working together on a non-work related task, we can then have them work together on a real-life issue
or problem. With new options and approaches toward working with each other, they’ll be able to make progress, suggestions or bring to
resolution a real-life work-related problem. We facilitate the small groups to stay focused, on-task, and productive.

3. Team Building Mini-Modules
We offer the following short (five to 45 minute) mini team building modules that can be spread throughout the day of your meeting.

  • People Bingo
  • Nail Puzzle
  • Koob
  • Group Dynamics (short version)
  • Winning the Iditarod/Lost in Space stand-alone small group exercises
  • Spill-Your-Guts workshop
  • Change exercise
  • Brain Teasers

Download a brochure for this program (Adobe Acrobat PDF format.)

Check out the other brochures available for more of the Hill Group’s training workshops.